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TECHNICAL NAME: Thiamethoxam 25% WG



  • Belongs to Neonicotinoid group.
  • Broad spectrum systemic insecticide and translocates to all parts of the plant.
  • Effective against sucking pest complex - Aphids, Jassids, Mealy bugs, Whitefly, BPH.
  • Gives more phyto tonic effect to crop resulting in withstanding the adverse conditions of environment.
  • Safe to natural enemies and beneficial insects.



Rice (Paddy) Stem borer, Gall midge, Leaf folder, White backed plant hopper, Brown plant hopper, Green leaf hopper, Thrips 40
Cotton Jassids, Aphid, Thrips 40
Whitefly 80
Okra (Bhindi) Jassid, Aphid, Whitefly 40
Mango Hoppers 40
Wheat Aphid 20
Mustard Aphid 20-40
Tomato Whitefly 80
Brinjal Whitefly 80
Tea Mosquito Bug 40
Potato Aphid 40 (Foliar Spray), 80 (Soil Drench)
Citrus Psylla 40
Rice (Nursery) Green leaf hopper, Thrips, Whorl Maggot 800 (Soil drench)
Tomato Whiteflies 160(Soil drench)
Cumin Aphids 40