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Research & Development

At Nichino India, Research and Development is a continuous process. Our R&D division constantly strives towards continuous product development and innovation. We have strong in-house research capabilities that have contributed immensely to our growing product range and technology development.

Our R&D team consists of highly experienced and qualified research personnel backed by state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. Our research labs are equipped with modern and highly advanced equipment.

Our R & D enables the organization to constantly reap benefits of breakthroughs & innovations that essentially propel us and accelerate our growth. Apart from ushering in new products and formulations that meet the ever-changing market requirements, our R&D works towards upgrading the quality of our products.

We carry out extensive research and development in various areas with special emphasis on Agrochemical to bring out quality crop protection chemicals.

We believe that every customer represents a personalized requirement. Our R & D activities are customer driven, emphasizing on the customer's specification and standard.