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  • Fotis is a broad-spectrum insecticide belonging to Organophosphates group effective on both sucking insects and biting insects by contact or ingestion.
  • Fotis on entering the pest body attacks on a neurotransmitter acetylcholinesterase leading to permanent nerve stimulation resulting in uncontrolled moments and paralysis.
  • Fotis is used for both preventive and curative treatment, it exhibits rapid action.
  • Fotis is safe for environment, recommended for use in Integrated Pest Management.
  • Fotis is the most economical product that is effective in control.


    CROP PEST DOSAGE (ml/acre)
    Rice (Paddy) Hispa 500
    Leaf folder 750
    Gall midge, Stem borer, Whorl maggot 500
    Cotton Aphid, Bollworm, Whitefly 500
    Cut worm 1500
    Sugarcane Black bug 300
    Early shoot & stalk borer 100-120
    Pyrilla 600
    Groundnut Aphid 400
    Root grub 450
    Gram Cutworm 1000
    Brinjal Shoot & fruit borer 400
    Onion Root grub 2000
    Cabbage Diamond back moth 800
    Beans Pod borer, Black bug 1200
    Mustard Aphid 200
    Citrus Black citrus, Aphid 600-800
    Apple Aphid 1500-2000
    Ber Leaf hopper 900-1200
    Tobacco Ground beetle 700