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  • Plover is a broad-spectrum systemic insecticide belonging to Organophosphates group effective on both sucking insects and biting insects by contact or ingestion./li>
  • Plover on entering the pest body attacks on a neurotransmitter acetylcholinesterase leading to permanent nerve stimulation resulting in uncontrolled moments and paralysis.
  • Plover is used for both preventive and curative treatment, it exhibits rapid action.
  • Plover is the most economical product that is effective on all stages of pest egg, larva and adult.


    CROP PEST DOSAGE (ml/acre)
    Paddy(Rice) Brown plant hopper, Yellow stem borer 500
    Green leaf hopper, Leaf roller/folder 250
    Cotton Bollworms 450-550
    Aphid, Leaf Hopper, Thrips 175
    Grey weevil 500
    Whitefly 150
    Sugarcane Shoot borer 600-800
    Mealy bug 600
    Pyrilla 200
    Scale Insect 600
    Redgram Plume mouth, Pod fly 250
    Pod borer 500
    Citrus Black aphids 600-800
    Mite 450-500
    Mango Gall maker, Hopper, Mealy bug, Shoot borer 600-800
    Bug Mite 600-800
    Maize Shootfly 250
    Black gram Pod borer 250
    Green gram Pod borer 175
    Pea Leaf minor 400
    Coconut Black headed Caterpillar 8.75-17.50 ml per tree
    Coffee Green bug 600
    Cardamom Thrips 400