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Healthy and Strong Foundation…Leads to higher yield






  • Shori is an innovative solution to manage Rice stem borer & effectively protect the yield damage caused by the pest.
  • Shori is powered by patented Japanese technology, Flubendiamide, a new generation diamide class active ingredient.
  • Shori is formulated in easy to apply granular form keeping our farmers time & effort in mind.



Features & Benefits

  • Excellent efficacy - Complete control over rice stem borer
  • Easy to use - Granular formulation
  • Yield improvement in Quality & Quantity
  • Superior Product Quality
  • Innovative Japanese Technology
  • Safe chemistry- Safe for human being, beneficial insects and environment


Mode Of Action

When applied, Shori by its quick release AI technology release 100% of the active with in 1hr of application. This means Shori starts its effect immediately after application. Through its unique capillary action, Shori coats the surface of rice stem. Shori has superior contact action against its target pests & hence it makes a protective barrier for the entry of stem borer. This way, Shori protects the rice crop up to 20 days

Step 1: 100% of AI release within 1 hour

Step 2: AI coats the surface of stem


    Plant Growth Booster


    How to Apply

    Dosage and Application timing: 5 kg/acre, 15-25 DAT as Preventive, before hatching peak

    Application method: Broadcasting with sand or fertilizer

    Note: Keep 2 to 3” water level in the field while application and up to 3 days after application of ‘SHORI’