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  • String interferes with protein production in fungus by inactivating Sulphahydral group of enzymes which plays a major role in protein synthesis in fungus.
  • It is a broad-spectrum contact Fungicide classified into dithiocarbamate (M3) group by FRAC.
  • It is used for both preventive and curative treatment in all stages of crop.
  • String is compatible along with other systemic fungicides during application.
  • String contains Zn, which helps in phytotonic effect; increases greenery and quality of fruits.
  • String is green label product which makes it safe for environment, applicator and beneficial insects.
  • It is also recommended for use in Integrated Pest Management.


    CROP Seed Treatment Dosage (gm/kg Seed)
    Chilli Damping Off 2.5
    Cauliflower Collar Rot 2.5
    Groundnut Tikka Disease & Rust 2.5


    CROP Disease Dosage (gm/acre)
    Paddy Blast 600-800
    Wheat Brown Rust, Black Rust & Blight 600-800
    Maize Leaf Blight & Downy Mildew 600-800
    Potato Late Blight & Early Blight 600-800
    Tomato Late Blight, Leaf Spot & Buckeye rot 600-800
    Chilli Fruit rot, Ripe rot & Leaf spot 600-800
    Cauliflower Leaf spot 600-800
    Groundnut Collar Rot & Leaf spot 600-800
    Grape Angular Leaf Spot, Downy Mildew & Anthracnose 600-800
    Jowar Leaf spot 600-800
    Apple Scab & Sooty Blotch 600-800
    Banana Cigar end rot, Tip rot, Sigatoka leaf spot 600-800
    Guava Fruit rot 600-800
    Cumin Blight 600-800