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New Japanese Technology for effective Rice BPH management with excellent safety to beneficial insects!

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Protecting Rice Agro Eco System

Protecting your rice crop from BPH damage is crucial to your crop profits. To combat BPH we are using strong chemical solutions that degrade the agro eco-system in paddy fields. Harsh products can reduce the population of beneficial insects such as spiders, ladybird beetles, bees, mirid bugs and damselflies. These beneficial insects help in natural defense against several crop pests including BPH.  Harsh chemicals are a great threat to beneficial insects, nature, you and your caring family.  
As a progressive farmer, you can protect this beautiful nature from being damaged by adapting to safe & sustainable solutions. Preserve nature not only for yourself but also for future generations without worrying about losses caused by BPH. - Begin a New Era with Orchestra.  

Need for a Precise Technology

Nichino's technology will precisely solve the problem of farmers, i.e. BPH control​ without harming the environment, beneficial insects thereby protecting the agro-ecosystem of the paddy fields. It protects you, your family health and natural resources from damage.

A New Era Of BPH Control and Safety

Innovative Japanese Technology

Effective & Long Duration of Control

Healthy Tillers, Uniformly filled Panicles & Better Yields

Highly safe to Natural enemies

Powered by BPX 

Orchestra is powered by BPX, an innovative technology. Benzpyrimoxan [BPX] belongs to new IRAC class of insecticides. BPX is developed by Japanese pioneer & innovator in agrochemicals, our parent company Nihon Nohyaku Corporation. BPX has a very novel mode of action against the rice BPH -  "Ecdysone Titer Disruptor"

Effective & Longer Duration BPH Control - Upto 14-21 Days

Orchestra Treated

95% lesser BPH/hill than UTC
20% lesser BPH/hill than market standard

Orchestra is powered by Benzpyrimoxan [BPX] which is highly effective  on BPH and  WBPH  including populations which have developed resistance against existing products


Devastating BPH attack

Data based on our internal trial results, 

Upto 14-21 Days of control

Orchestra when used as per recommendations, can keep the fields BPH free for up to 14-21 days after the spray. 
Long duration control effectively reduces the no. of sprays required to control the BPH thus saving in effort, time and money for the farmer.

We know what matters to you most!

Use Recommendations 

To get the best results by Orchestra, the spray should be done when BPH population is just started or <8 BPH/hills which is likely around 45 to 50 days of crop after planting.
Go for a 2nd Spray with Gohan whenever the count increases beyond 8 BPH/hill.

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